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Thread: Anyone on Vatsim? or Ivao?

  1. Default Anyone on Vatsim? or Ivao?

    I cant wait for new my PC in Nov, Iv been thinking about joining a VA in the virtual world.
    Does anyone have any experience of these sites, and is it worth it??

    Will all the downloads, multi traffic libraries and all the rest of the required software slow my PC to a point where its no fun?

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    Vatsim and IVAO are not VAs. They are online environments where individuals or VAs can fly, and enjoy realistic ATC and procedures provided by real people. Because they focus on realism, they tend to be stricter than (say) the "game" environments of Gamespy or FSHost, and you need to have a reasonable idea of what you are doing, even if you don't yet have the ability (noone will get upset with you for getting it wrong if you are trying to get it right). They have their own forum communities and training and mentoring schemes to help you get along, whether you want to act as a pilot or controller.

    The biggest downside is that because they rely on people to provide the ATC (who are doing it as a hobby, same as you), there may not be controllers in the area you wish to fly at the time you sish to fly.

    However, they are the only place where you could fly into Leeds-Bradford and be directed by a controller with an English accent, using current UK procedures and terminology. At no cost. Now, whether that is "worth it" is entirely up to you...

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