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Thread: Best fsx ERJ & CRJ?

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    Default Best fsx ERJ & CRJ?

    Other than the fsx default....what is the best freeware Crj and ERJ Outthere. When I say this I mean who has the best model and textures to download with minimal tweeking. I have tried payware Wilco\feelthere but the product I think is not the best.I like the regional jets. I would rather have a freeware download but if someone insist on a payware that they can recommend that is very good (model & tetures) that I dont have to shell out alot of bucks for a substandard product I would appreciate it. Have a great day!

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    I'd search the libraries here and elsewhere. There are a lot of those planes out there, and what is acceptable to me, may not be up to speed for you. Since they are free, hitting the delete key doesn't hurt!...Don

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    I am trying to streamline my search. Since I am new I am looking for help from somone who has the knowledge about these aircraft. thanks

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    Posky do a crj and erj and they are free.

    Most are for FS9 but they do work with fsx

    The install can be tricky and there is no support on there forum for the install ( just bugs etc.. ) but like i said they are free and they do make some great models.
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    there is a Delta package that contains a erj 145 that i think is very good [uses the CRJ 700 PANEL]

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    who makes it and/or do you have a file name.

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    Just looking for an update to this post. What is the best ERJ or CRJ for FSX on the market today>

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    Quote Originally Posted by bill721 View Post
    Just looking for an update to this post. What is the best ERJ or CRJ for FSX on the market today>
    Since the other post was 11/01/2010, you may be right. Check the libraries.

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