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    Default FSX Aircraft Missing

    After several re-installs of FSX the aircraft inventory (ie where you chose the aircraft you want) shows only one aircraft for each manufacturer type. For example, under Boeing there are only 2 aircraft: a B747-400 (the Boeing livery) and a B737-800 (again, the Boeing livery.) The 'aircraft.cfg' file, for both the 737 and the 747, show all the configurations that should be shown in the menu selection screen for the Boeing aircraft. All manufacturers have the same situation, that is, only one aircraft is presented - the first one in the list in aircraft.cfg.

    The computer is: quad core, 3 Ghz, with 8 GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5850.
    The OS: Win7 64 Home edition
    FSX: Deluxe with or without SP1 & 2 (ie same problems with the aircraft)

    Because of some problems I had with Aerosoft sceneries I have been uninstalling and re-installing a lot over the past couple of weeks. I noticed the aircraft menu problem during this time. Finally, Aerosoft seems to have found how to solve their problems, so I unloaded all add-ons and FSX. Then I re-loaded FSX and before loading any add-ons or upgrades, I took a look at the aircraft menu to see if it was OK. It was not.

    I believe the problem lies in the registry of the computer, but I'm scared to try anything there. I'm guessing that when FSX is uninstalled, it doesn't release all the registry and the constant reloading has confused matters. Any clues will be appreciated.

    Dennis Brennan, Toronto

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    you probably dont have "show all variations" ticked at the bottom

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    Oooh! He'll be kicking himself for that one... Especially as it's been mentioned in the forum just sooo many, many times before.!

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    Oh Shit!! Who put that there when I was sleeping?

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    Just consider it yet another proof of the (now becoming) old adage:

    "THAT'S why you should always search the forums first...!"

    Would have saved hours of faffing!

    Never fear though, you won't be the last to suffer an: `oh shit!` moment!

    We've all been there...

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