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Thread: View flight plans in google earth?

  1. Default View flight plans in google earth?

    I use fsbuild to create my flight plan a for fsx and pmdg 747, however what I would really like to be able to do is view these over laying a real map like google earth or google maps so I can clearly see countries that my plan and waypoints will take me over.

    Is there a way to do this?


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    Plan-G software allows you to do this.... Its free and I personally find it very good

    You can also use it to pin point your aircraft whilst in flight... Check it out:

    Here is a quote from the website of the software features:-
    Google Maps interface for rich topographical and satellite detail
    Shows airspace, airports and navaids on the map (from Flight Sim data)
    Configurable levels of detail (objects displayed) for each zoom setting
    Fully editable plans can be saved in FSX or FS9 format
    Existing FSX and FS9 flight plans can be loaded
    Reverse flight plan
    Print map and PLOG (nav log)
    Customisable database of user waypoints, VRPs, airstrips etc (UK CAA VRPs, plus some OZx airstrips already defined)
    Connects to FSX via SimConnect (needs FSX SP2), or FS9 via FSUIPC
    Aircraft telemetry, breadcrumb trail, traffic, weather etc available when connected to FSX
    Saved flight trails can be displayed for later analysis
    Range Rings can be configured to show distance or flight time
    Vertical Route Profile (requires optional additional free 'mesh' download - see readme)
    Do your flight planning without having to start FS
    Use on second monitor or networked PC (requires FS Windowed mode if used on the same PC at the same time as FS)
    Installs on memory stick for portable computing

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