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Thread: Posky Boeing 737 VC panel

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    Default Posky Boeing 737 VC panel

    Hey guys,

    Does anyone know how to get the posky 737 VC panel to work? I cant find the textures that are suppose to go with the vc model. Does anyone know where to find it?

    The Posky readme says to look for any 737ng panel, but all the panels I have tried don't seem to work with the Posky VC model.

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    Nevermind close or delete this post, I tried but it didnt have a link for me to delete it myself.

    I figured it out, just downloaded the wrong aircraft, I decided to go with the Overland B737, the VC in it is a bit better than POSKY. So I will do some repaints for it, basically wanted to do a winglet Alitalia and Austrian 700 model.

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    i never know that posky 737 have vc for fs9
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    i never know that posky 737 have vc for fs9
    So far I can remember .. Posky had in the past a B737 panel (included a posky utility) to download .. but this panel is no more available from them ...
    Iuse it ....

    From the panel.cfg


    VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=1.000, 0.000, 0.000









    gauge01=Posky737!PkyNosegearheight, 140,80,140,80
    gauge02=Posky737!PkyLeftgearheight, 140,80,140,80
    gauge04=Posky737!PkyRightgearheight, 140,80,140,80
    gauge12=Posky737!PkyNosegearsteerling, 140,80,140,80
    gauge25=Posky737!Pky_PB_Towhead, 140,80,140,80
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    There is a way, but only for the POSKY 737-800 winglet model. You need to download the VC model seperately and add it to the 738w of your choice.

    Next component you need is the 737 Experience by Moach. Use the panel from this and extract the VC textures and put them in the texture folder in the POSKY 738w you want to use.

    Gives you a basic useable VC but there are problems I have encountered.

    1. Despite importing all of the textures there are bits that don't port over (for me anyway) namely the No1 throttle lever and the yokes.

    2. The shift+E+2 function to lower the integral airstair no longer works.

    I've used this on my Ryanair 738 for a while now, it's ok but ideally a 737NG panel with full internal views and bigger instruments (the ones from Ken Mitchell's A320/330 panel would be awesome) would be much better IMHO.
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    The Boeing 787-800 W Dreamliner from POSKY comes with the VC panel already set to go on board, it requires that you download a 2D panel of the 737ng type if you chose to add a 2D panel.

    I wasnt too impressed with the POSKY 737VC will take some photos of it and the Overland 737-800 VC panel. With overland its a better VC and since there arent many quality paints available for it, it gives me something to do on my days off!

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    The first is the POSKY (nice paintjob, Ok panel)

    The secondth is the Overland (looks like someone said BOO to the paint, too light - I intend to repaint this aircraft in winglet version to match the POSKY and its VC is a little more crisp and detailed)
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    Sorry to revive an old topic, but I have a question about the VC lighting for this aircraft. When toggled, the VC lights for night flying dont there some special position or configuration in the [LIGHTS] section that is not correct? I swapped the opensky VC light FX with the "fx_vclight"..and nada...any ideas?

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