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    Rare photo from years ago - my dad took it. He is gone now, but others can enjoy this one. This may be the wrong place to put it, but not sure where it should go.
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    The first airplane I ever sat in was an Ercoupe. I was thrilled to death because it had two tails, just like a P-38 Lightning (hey, I was twelve)! I didn't realize then what a true beauty I was sitting in, but it definitely did make an impression on me.

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    I learned to fly in 1961 in Marathon, Florida; soloed after ten hours in a C-85 Ercoupe that I had bought after just eight hours of instruction. I flew that airplane (N99462) from Key West to Martha's Vineyard and every where in between. It was a GREAT airplane in spite of what the disbelievers would have you believe. 462 was white with red trim and rag wings (later swapped out for metal), although I had a friend in Marathon with a polished aluminum C-85 like the one shown. Nice picture...


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