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Thread: FSX aircrafts with no VC view

  1. Default FSX aircrafts with no VC view

    I have downloaded Boeing 767 and other aircrafts but all of them don't have VIRTUAL COCKPIT view,.

    im just wondering if there is something i can do to put virtual cockpit in these aircraft from another aircraft from FSX or from another source?? (ADVICE)

    i really want to use the flight sim in VC view.

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    Can you give us some of the file names?

    I believe that Aircraft such as Project Opensky require interior files to go along with them. Those are downloaded seperately.

    Only other thing is, I can think of, is those aircraft don't have VCs and is the only reason why you can't get to them.

    Hope this helps...

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    Virtual cockpits are normally built into the model itself and not something you can add after the fact.

    If when you are in VC mode, you don't see anything, then that particular model doesn't have a VC.

    If when you are in VC mode, you do see a virtual cockpit, but textures or gauges are missing then the VC is built into the model, but you are missing some files.

    Hope this helps,

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    In FS9, you could not add a VC to an aircraft. It was either included in the .mdl or it wasn't.

    In FSX, aircraft created using the FSX SDK will have a interior .mdl and a exterior .mdl. You can swap out the interior ones. For example,

    You can add the default A321 VC to the Project Airbus aircraft.
    You can ass the default 737 VC to the POSKY 737's
    You can add the default CRJ VC to the POSKY CRJ 700, 900

    I am sure there are more. As for how to do it, the explanation is rather long. Search here, AVSIM, Google and POSKY.

    You may be able to find a file in the library where someone has uploaded a repaint with the proper configuration. If you can find something like that, it will save you some time.
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    I must start a list of aircraft with VC that work

    Just a few to get you going. Do a search on the zip files.

    Opensky (POSKY)

    All recent aricraft by Thomas Ruth mostly Airbus have all VC that work no problems. Just a few here


    Military for aircraft carrier

    I wrote something on vc aircraft here long time back and
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    Quote Originally Posted by CXA001 View Post
    Virtual cockpits are normally built into the model itself and not something you can add after the fact.
    VC were built into the model in FS2004 and prior technology. FSX moves beyond that limitation.

    FSX has the ability to use one model for the aircraft and a separate interior model for the VC. All the default FSX aircraft are constructed that way, and many people have had success using a default interior model from an aircraft such as the B737-800 with an addon no-VC aircraft model.
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    thanks guys, im working on it now,
    i will be rplying as soon as i have done all your suggestions,

    i think going to a flight school is much easier lol

  8. Default aircraft files

    CamSim Airbus 350-800 V2 Airbus House Colors

    CamSim Boeing 787-8 V2 JAL JA851J

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