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Thread: {SmartAssembly} required error solution

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    Default {SmartAssembly} required error solution

    I have figured out my particular solution to the periodic freeze/restart of FSX w/Acceleration while running under Win 7 64 bit. It was really starting to put a dent in my flying when all of the sudden the sim would freeze and then restart itself, leaving my flight in shambles.

    I did extensive searches on various add-on forums and couldn't find any answers. Finally, I began searching through Microsoft's TechNet KB articles and was reminded of the recent FSX.CFG change I had made based on recommendations in one of the popular forums.

    I had added a new line to my FSX.CFG file ( SmallPartRejectRadius = 4.0 )
    One article I came across mentioned there was a problem with this setting, something to do with Windows and the version of nVidia graphics driver in use.

    I commented this setting out and after 2 days am very happy to not have had another "{Smartassembly} is required..." error, and my framerates, which had been unusually bad since a few weeks ago (when I made this and other tweaks) are now back up to where things are smooth again.

    For what it's worth, I do use UT2, REX, GEX, FEX, nHancer, and had seen mention of this error on several different forums, so this might not be the only cause of this error, but it fixed it for me!

    Just thought I would share.
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    Stan Symms

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