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Thread: Saitek yoke problem - Win 7

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    Default Saitek yoke problem - Win 7

    I am completing a new FSX build & have encountered a strange problem with the Saitek yoke. OS is Win 7 64 bit professional & I have updated to the latest 64 bit drivers from the Saitek site. I use FSUIPC4 and had tuned the axis controls to work very well with GA planes in FSX. Using FSUIPC4 I was very happy with how precise I could set the yoke to be very sensitive. My yoke is plugged into a powered USB hub. The problem I had was often when starting the computer the yoke would not initialize at all unless I unplugged & re-plugged the yoke into the hub. But it worked just fine.

    To solve the startup issue, I plugged the yoke directly into the computer USB port. This lost the FSUIPC4 settings & I had to set that up again. Then I noticed that I was seeing a "dead zone" between the 11 & 12 o'clock position on the aileron axis. After searching the forums, I found a suggestion from Saitek that a certain registry entry needed to be deleted and the yoke re-calibrated. This made the dead zone go away, UNTIL FSX was run a second time. This behavior is also confirmed in the driver calibration screen, the dead zone can be clearly seen on the Saitek calibration screen.

    Plugging the yoke back into the USB hub seems to fix the dead zone problem.

    In talking with Saitek tech support, they are convinced that this is a hardware malfunction that needs repaired. But to me this sounds like software.

    Has anyone else encountered anything like this?


    i7 975 @ 4.0,NH-D14, ASUS P6T Deluxe V2, Win 7 64bit, 12GB, GTX570, Crucial SSD 1TB, WD 300 GB VRAP, WD 2TB, Antec 1200 tower,FSX Gold, FSUIPC, UTX, GEX, Simplugins

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    With all due respect to Saitek tech support, that is total nonsense. I've seen the same condition on several other systems plus my own and, believe me, these systems do not have any hardware problems. And the problem is not OS specific as I've seen the problem on 32 and 64 bit versions of XP, Vista and Win7. IMO, its a driver issue that Saitek doesn't care about or doesn't know how to fix or both. My work around is to leave the yoke unplugged until after bootup. Then, before I shut down, I unplug it again until after the next boot up. So let's see - since putting my Saitek yoke in service I've had to deal with the calibration issue, phantom keypresses and jerky motion in the pitch axis until I hacked a section out of the rear yoke shaft support. Great product, huh?
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    Thanks for your reply. Since my post last evening I went back & plugged the yoke again into the powered hub without changing anything else, rebooted & tested a few times, & the yoke retained its calibration. To me this points to driver software issues. I poked around the registry & found what appear to be duplicate entries in two different sections, but I am not about to tinker with that without more knowledge. That is one of the quickest ways to botch up a system

    If I learn anything new I will post it.

    i7 975 @ 4.0,NH-D14, ASUS P6T Deluxe V2, Win 7 64bit, 12GB, GTX570, Crucial SSD 1TB, WD 300 GB VRAP, WD 2TB, Antec 1200 tower,FSX Gold, FSUIPC, UTX, GEX, Simplugins

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    I too found duplicate registry settings but deleting the duplicates did nothing to fix the problem. I also followed the same advice you were given by Saitek tech support plus I've tried everything I could find posted on the topic but nothing helped. Basically, I gave up on this months ago. For me its no big deal to unplug and replug.

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