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Thread: Aircraft Download for B-29 in FSX

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    Can anyone suggest a web site I can go to to download files for additional aircraft for FSX ? I am specifically looking for a WW II Vintage B-29 bomber, but may be interested in others. I would perfer a free download, but might pay a reasonable fee if the web site is safe.

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    Right here in our own File Library?

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    Thanks. The only file I found with a B-29 was "". I downloaded, unzipped, and copied to the FSX Sim Objects Airplane folder. When I then ran FSX, I got a message "Visual modle could not be displayed" and the aircraft was invisible. Also, the panel was grossly incomplete. Is there any better B-29 anywhere? Or what am I doing wrong ?

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    Tom Kohler's B-29 was designed for FS2004, but flies quite well in FSX, though I normally use the RB-50 version rather than the B-29.

    Search for Superfortress and Kohler with the Advanced Search.
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    Thanks. Kohler's B-29 works well.

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