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    Smile fshotseat

    Hi folks,
    New here looks like a really good forum.Hope you all
    had a great holliday.
    Any one try to install FSHOTSEAT addon?
    I am but it don't look like I am going to
    get it started.

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    Do you have it running in demo/tryout mode, or has it already been purchased? If the former, it would then only work at one airport (check with the documentation that comes with it). This addon is great if you enjoy watching spot/tower view once in awhile as it results in better AI sound, as well as some unique viewpoints when departing and landing.

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    I purchased it installd it,when I click on the run icon get message to
    check the error log.Problem is there is no error log in the file directory
    Using win zip don't know if that is problem.

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    I use its smaller brother, FSHotSFX, to add AI sounds to airports. Absolutely love it as it brings airports alive with sounds. However it is not compatiable with ATC programs like Radar Contact and Pro Flight Emulator. There is also no more support for the product and it doesn't work on Vista and Windows 7.

    I built my new PC with dual boot XP and Windows 7. The XP boot is for FS9 only and is for FSHotSFX to work. I don't use FS9 without FSHotSFX, that's how good it is.

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