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Thread: Help with STARS and FSX ATC

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    First you sound like you are using the default ATC which does not recognize STARs or SIDs. It also gets really fussy when you start following the STAR instead of their instructions and will cancel your flight plan. If you really want to use a STAR you are going to need to ignore FSX ATC and accept the consequences.

    Normally you would either request a STAR for an appropriate runway that has a transition that is already in your flight plan. However, sometimes center will assign you a STAR and you can either accept or reject it. If you want to know what each STAR looks like they are available for free for the US from just enter an airport in the airport tab and then scroll down to the bottom. Happy flying.

    Not sure why you would say that FS default ATC does not recognize STARs and SIDs. Many users have never explored the advance ATC system and only accept the novice vectors to final hand holding ATC technique.

    The following is part of a readme if using one of my airports like Atlanta (KATL)

    There is no longer a MACEY TWO STAR Arrival. It has been replaced by 2 different STAR's named FLCON and PECHY. Three new STAR's have also been added named CANUK, HONIE, and ERLIN. It is best that when at KATL open the GPS receiver and view the Transitions for each arrival runway.

    Here is a typical example of how to use the STAR's in a Flightplan for the arrival to a runway under the watchful eye of the default ATC.

    1. You have departed KMIA (MIAMI) and your route of flight (FSX default FP editor) is bringing you up the east coast of Florida.

    2. When you created the FP it showed you a map view which at this point you use the mouse to drag and snap the FP line to the correct VOR WAYPOINTS that make up the ARRIVAL STAR.

    3. The STAR needed is the CANUK and you need to snap the FP starting at the CRG VOR which is over Jacksonville, FL 330 NM's away from KATL,

    4. Continue to drag and snap the FP line by way of all the VORs and WAYPOINTS listed on the CANUK arrival. Do this all the way up to the CANUK WAYPOINT.

    5. When you get within 70 miles of KATL, ATC is going to assign a runway vectors to ILS final for the size airplane you are flying. Decline the vectors to final hand holding novice ATC system and select from the ATC menu a proper RNAV Transition. So if the winds are from the East ask for the CANUK Transition to either runway 10 or 9L/9R (your choice).

    6. If the winds are from the West select the CANUK Transition for Runway 28 or 27L/27R. Observe airspeed and altitude restriction (per the STAR) to ensure you can make a proper Transition approach to the active runway. The default ATC system will tell you cleared for the CANUK arrival, descend to and maintain 14,000 ft.

    7. This will Transition off the CANUK STAR and onto the proper transition for the runway you choose. Open the GPS receiver and follow the lines or "LOAD" and "ACTIVATE" the Transition and let the GPS receiver fly the Transition for you.

    8. Each different Transition will lead you to an IAF for the active runway so you can tune the ILS freq and fly the ILS approach chart.

    Each STAR, Transition to a runway IAF and the use of the proper ILS chart all work the same way based on your arrival direction. Take NOTE of what STAR's are for what runways in the note column.
    Departure SIDs work the same way by placing the SID into the first part of the FP. After Takeoff the default ATC will vector you to the entrance of the SID and then monitor your Flightpath until joining the enroute Jet/Victor airway.

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