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Thread: paint kits?

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    Question paint kits?

    Where is a good place to find paint kits?

    I've the heck outta the ISDT B200 paint kit for FSX. When I search the files here "" there aren't many for FSX. I am using "paint kit" as my search name.

    Any good links to freeware paint kits? Any aircraft will do?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Although a paintkit is the ideal base to start from, you do not need one. Just make a copy of the aircraft and work on the textures in the copy.

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    you can get some paint kits with ease.. alot of payware will supply a paint kit with the aircraft you buy also Thomas Ruth has paint kits for his freeware aircraft ( they can be downloaded from here ) as well as POSKY ( project opensky ) but you would need to visit there website to find them.

    Both of them supply advanced paint kits from what i know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by copperpen View Post
    Although a paintkit is the ideal base to start from, you do not need one. Just make a copy of the aircraft and work on the textures in the copy.
    So if I want to make a copy of the current texture and then alter it, in essence creating my own paint kit, how do I clear the current texture of the paint, logos, stripes, text, etc....?

    I watched a tutorial video on youtube that said not use the eraser

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    Most Aircraft payware or freeware come with a paint kit of sorts .
    sometimes you may have to email the maker for a copy , but they are out there .
    IF you have to make your own paint kit from an existing repaint , then pick a good white one, Air France for example .
    Then lift the doors , windows and cargo doors out of the repaint , and try using the clone tool to over the painted part of the fuselage .
    that way you can have a white base layer and all your other parts doors etc on another layer .
    then you will probably have to redo the panel lines , and any shading , but the end result can be a usable layered paint kit

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    Question what about AI?

    If an AI paint kit comes w/ a model can I just use it?

    I can add the sound and panel files later. It should work as long as I have the .air and .mdl files that go w/ the texture. No?

    If so, this will open up a lot more opportunities.

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