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Thread: Tex refund time.

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    Default Tex refund time.

    Well Hopefully this coming week my tax refund check should be coming in the mail so it is time to spend at least a litt bit of money. I was thinking about getting Microsoft Flight Simulator X For Pilots Real World Training . by Jeff van West and Kevin Lane-cummings I didnt eve know this book existed and Hopefully will be able to hone my skills.

    So the second thing I am looking for is a program that add realistic weather effects into the sim. I know there is a program called Active Sky but I am not sure which is the best program to use. Thanks

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    REX is my favorite, a "must have" for FSX, IMO.

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    Right now there is ASX, our first weather program for FSX, and now ASE, which can be used with FS9 and FSX, along with any texture program you want.

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    Hey great thanks I think this will def be a purchase for me real soon.

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    with fsx i think my first payware would be to fix the weather, second to that would be a choice between ground effects and an early airbus models collection ??

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    Im going to build a new rig. I get my check a week before I go on vacation. This box here is 7 years old.
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    Tax refund. What's that?!?
    I haven't gotten money back from Uncle Sam in years. Seems like he's always hitting me up for a couple grand every April. I don't even think he's my REAL uncle.
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    I use REX and think it's a great product with great support.

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