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Thread: Fsx 10m horizontal resolution in RJ

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    Default Fsx 10m horizontal resolution in RJ

    Who live(ed) or cross(ed) by this area knows what i'm talking about.
    Place: Barra da tijuca/Rio de Janeiro/RJ
    Hills:Pedra Bonita and Pedra da Gavea

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    Looks great Fabio! The mesh is very nice.
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    Great mountain views Fabio, the mesh works OK!

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    great vieuws
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    Outstanding shots.

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    Great looking stuff Fabio - where did you get the Brazil mesh scenery?

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    Nice ones Fabio. Mesh looks great.

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    Very very nice Fabio.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BillD22 View Post
    Great looking stuff Fabio - where did you get the Brazil mesh scenery?
    Bill, i found it in the, link:

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    Thanks Fabio - downloading now!

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