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Thread: Brakes will not release

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    Have a look at he third picture down the page. Some times one may have to adjust sensitivity and null zones. If this does not fix it have a read on Saitek a few pages back, You will find more on the brakes and setting up Saitek

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    Did you ever get this solved?

    For me it just worked. Like this...

    FSX Options Menu for Controls I go to the Button Keys TAB.

    I go into the drop down for Control Type and select "Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals" as it defaults to the YOKE.

    In the Joystick Columb when viewing the BUTTONS/KEYS TAB, there should be NOTHING enabled for the peddals. By default there is a bunch of garbage the first time you install the peddals. I deleted all of it out. Don't delete KEYBOARD button assignments though.

    I then go into the CONTROL AXES tab. Ensure I am still looking at the "Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals" and not the YOKE settings.

    I deleted ALL AXIS assignments for the PEDDALS. Only the following Axis are checked for the peddals once I was done...

    Brake Left and Brake Right Axis are set to X for LEFT and and Y for RIGHT. I checked off REVERSE for both or the brakes would remain on when released.

    Rudder AXIS of course is Z and REVERSE is NOT checked off. That is all the peddals are supposed to have checked off. Nothing for Buttons and only those three for AXIS.

    Works perfect.

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    Still cant get the brakes to release, can somebody tell me what FSUIPC is? Windows 8.1, out of the box Lenovo turbo unit, out of the box Saitek yoke older Saitek pedals. Did install driver from Saitek that came with the new yoke and the driver from the older pedals. Problem from the start therefore to the forum and read not to install the Saitek drivers because FSUIPC could do it all. Did uninstall to remove the Saitek drivers. Problem persists.

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    What Saitek yoke model?


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    Sounds like the Caliper piston is sticking. Try cleaning and resurfacing. Other than that try checking the reverse box (On).
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    Quote Originally Posted by ewarthan View Post
    ...can somebody tell me what FSUIPC is? ...
    FSUIPC is an "almost" mandatory software module that allows external programs to connect and interface with FSX. There is a freeware version and a more capable payware "registered" version, which is highly recommended. Among other things, the payware version allows very specific and flexible control function assignments.

    Get it here:

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