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Thread: ThrustMaster afterburner II on Win7 ???

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    Default ThrustMaster afterburner II on Win7 ???

    I have just tried to use my "ThrustMaster Top Gun Afterburner II" with Windows 7 x64.
    It does not work with CFS1.
    I also have CFS2, CFS3, Falcon 4, Falcon 4 AF, IL2 series + Pacific Fighters and LOMAC.
    I have not tried these on Win7 yet.

    The joy stick seems to be having a driver problem with Win7.
    It does not seem to calibrate correctly.
    While trying to calibrate, the slider appears to operate in the opposite direction and the rudder control [z axis?] flashes rapidly.
    Win7 says it is installed correctly.
    CFS1 installs just fine. But, the joystick is non functional.
    I can find nothing about drivers to use this joystick with Win7.

    I have WinXP dual-booted with Win7.
    Everything works well on XP.
    I want to complete the migration to Win7 and remove WinXP.
    This is the only problem stopping me.

    Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

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    It is not listed as being compatible with W7 64. As for drivers, here is what is on Thrustmaster page:

    This device is fully compliant with the "Human Interface Device" specifications.
    We have developed the device in such a way that it will be recognize under the Microsoft Operating systems (Windows 98 series, Me, 2000, XP and Vista) as an "HID compliant Game Device".
    By simply connecting your Thrustmaster game controllers to the computer?s USB port, it will become available in Windows Game Controller / Gaming Option.

    Time to get a new joystick.


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    Have you tried unplugging it and plugging back in with your computer running? That fixes several Thrustmaster issues. Thrustmaster also has a calibration utility on their site.
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    OK, the problem seems to be with CFS1.
    I had d/l'd ThrustMapper but had not installed it on either WinXP or 7.
    After installing it on 7, I had to reinstall the Win7 HID drivers to get the joystick recognized.

    CFS1 works with the joystick just fine in XP but still does not function in 7.
    I've since installed CFS2 & 3 on Win7.
    The joystick works perfectly with both of them in XP and 7, but still does not work with CFS1 in 7.
    I expect all the other sims to work well on 7 also.
    We'll see.

    As much as I hate to admit it, CFS1 may be beyond it's usable life.
    Unless, I can find a way to get it fully functional in Win7.
    Thx for pointing the direction.

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