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Thread: Does any airline still fly MD-11?

  1. Question Does any airline still fly MD-11?

    Saw that the Perfectfligh MD-11 was on sale and thought it looked nice, but does anyone fly it anymore? Real airlines that is?
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    Absolutely. They were built as late as 2000. Fedex, UPS, KLM, Lufthansa Cargo.

    Goto the wikipedia.

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    I think finnair are the last airline to fly passengers in it

    Peerhoven VA Site :

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    Who has it on sale? I love that plane!

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    Saw this post and had tto add my .02 I just purchased the Perfect Flight L-1011 on a special from PC Aviator. If I had too do it again I would take a pass. Not the greatest one out there and their customer support is almost non existent.

    I am still waiting for a respose on an issue. I primarily got it for the ATA vacation colors.


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    Hi, there's the PMDG MD-11. I thinks it is the best MD-11 out there, extremely real, so be prepared for a high learning curve. If you like this plane and are willing to spend some time learning, this is the one to have.

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