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Thread: Flight Sim Training videos (free)

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    Default Flight Sim Training videos (free)

    I can't say enough good thing about these videos put out by Angle of Attack. Basically, it is 90 days, and 45 lessons put out every other day...for free. Episode 5 is the last one, the next should be on Wednesday.

    The quality of the videos are the best I've seen. Great for the beginner, and a good review for the pilots that have been around for a while.

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    Crickets? Is that what I hear? I've been flight sim for a while, but I still like these lessons. Most videos are only a few minuets long.

    Here is the episodes that are out so far:

    Episode 1- Lift
    Episode 2- the Other 3 Forces
    Episode 3- Controls
    Episode 4- Trim
    Episode 5- Cockpit
    Episode 6- Ground Ops
    Episode 7- Takeoff

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