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Thread: 747 Landing Speed?

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    Default 747 Landing Speed?

    Landing a 747 at 180 knots and flaps 30 seems a little fast doesnt it? Flight sim manual says thats a landing speed but shouldnt it be alot lower like 160KIAS or 150KIAS?

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    rhomboidrelease Guest

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    I always use full flaps, and adjust the speed according to the wind. I looked at a lot of pictures on the internet and out of books, showing 747's on final, and almost without exception, they came in fairly level with the ground. I applied this to FS and made it a practice to bring the 747 in as level as possible.
    Diving it in is no good, and having it rotated back too far is asking for tail banging trouble on flair. So, full flaps, land into the wind, and keep her level. Using this technique, landing speeds are usually around 145-155, sometimes as low as 120 with a good headwind.
    Oh yeah, try to land with as little fuel as possible.

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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON May-20-02 AT 05:21PM (EDT)[/font][p]Hi, to determine any useful landing reference speed, you need to know your weight. These are just afew examples of ranges of weights and speeds from the PS1 charts:

    Landing Weight(Lbs)--Flaps 20--Flaps 25--Flaps 30





    Just as a curiosity: Landing reference speed with 630.000 Lbs at Flaps 0 is 234 knots.

    Cheers, Uwe

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    doomba14 Guest

    Default RE: 747 Landing Speed?


    Is there a key in fs2002 for dumping fuel withoug goin into the aircraft menu? this seems rather unrealistic.


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    Silverblade Guest

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    The unrealistic part is your taking off with too much fuel to have to dump some before you land. Commercial airliners only take enough fuel to get to their destination plus 45 minutes reserve for flying to an alternate airport in the event of bad weather.

    Fuel dumps are a last resort in case of an emergency.


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    Humm, I wonder how long a captain would last at an airline if he had to keep dumping fuel in order to make a non emergency landing. I don't look at the prices of Jet fuel very often but it was going for around $2.25 a gallon locally. The airlines don't like to throw away the packages of peanuts, let alone fuel.

    Barry Schiff has an excellent set of books called "Proficent Pilot". One of the sections deals with flying the big iron. He talks about why the airlines don't just top it off and go. Basically with the huge amounts of fuel that airliners carry it gets into the old game of diminishing returns. You are better off having just enough fuel and knowing when to go elsewhere.

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    galaxyboy84 Guest

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    Is there anyway to know how much fuel I need for each journey I'm planning? I mean, is there a default chart to show the amount of fuel needed to reach the destination?

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    It varies based on wind, altitude, speed, aircraft, load, etc...

    FSNavigator gives an "estimate"

    Thomas Lin
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