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    Default Tundra SuperCub

    This is the second flight using the Flight Replicas Super Cub,this time we take the S/C with the big tyres mounted up.The flight is from Prince Rupert,BC just doing some sightseeing headed east toward the Terrace area.

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    Default Part 2

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    Swell shots of the Tundra Cup. She's a beauty. Like that scenery too.

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    I like your bigfoot Cub also. you need those big tyres looking at the scenery

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    So there are Jan's tyres!! .

    Excellent shots as always Gary, stunning scenery and flight!!
    Take Care,

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    Excellent shots Gary.I didn't know there were so many different Cubs out there.I have A2A,and FSAddons Super Cub.The Flight Replicas model looks great


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    Nice Gary - hope you had on a warm jacket, looks Cooooooold! Brrrrrr!

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