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Thread: REX - Real Time Weather?

  1. Default REX - Real Time Weather?

    Hi All,

    Maybe I'm a little dim but I'm struggling to fully undertstand whether or not REX imports actual real weather information. The screen-shots on the REX web site look stunning, but will I be able to use real-time weather information toegether with REX to show the actual weather conditions?

    thanks in advance,


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    Yes REX will download real weather data for the area you are in.

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    How does this work with the default weather or other weatherprogram like activesky?
    Do you set one to control the weather and the others to do nothing?
    Or do they recognize eacher and work together somehow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeroen79 View Post
    How does this work with the default weather or other weatherprogram like activesky?
    Do you set one to control the weather and the others to do nothing?
    Or do they recognize eacher and work together somehow?
    Not sure about activesky. Default weather is overwriten with REX - which provides better data than the default. There is no conflict.
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    You can use REX for just textures and another program like Active Sky for the weather. There is an option in REX for the weather portion that you can easily turn off or on. Remember that once you use REX to submit textures to FS, then you close it down durring the FS session.

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    REX will use any weather source. It will use Microsoft's downloadable weather from Jeppeson. It will use Microsoft's Theme Weather. It can also use it's own downloadable weather and it has it's own themes as well.

    And as JSkorna mentioned you may use another weather source like Active Sky with REX...Whatever the end user wants to use as a source it will use.

    REX replaces the visual default clouds with photographic clouds that are more realistic. It also replaces water, sun, runways, tarmacs to create a more realistic looking environment in FSX.

    As a few of us have said on here, REX is probably the best FSX Addon out there. It is my favourite FSX Addon.

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    Thanks to everybody for the replies, I'll buy it.


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    This is something I did not know. So in other words, I can go into REX and download weather textures, and then when I run FSX I can just use the fsx option to either use one of the preset weather scenarios or download the real weather? Also, once done I would not have to use the REX interface unless I wanted to change the textures?

    Thanks, Pete

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    Yes that is correct, once you have used REX to replace certain textures with ones that you have decided to use from REX then you no longer need to have it running. The other good point of this software is that you only have to change particular textures using the Options page. You deselect any texture that you don't need to change and select the ones you would like to change. So if you want to change the concrete runways only, you select that only in the options page.


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    The problem with FSX weather is it maintains the last weather until you get near enough to another weather source to update, which cause the weather to drastically change when there are gaps int the info source., weather prorgammes like rex, will get updates from multiple sources then average out the weather when there are gaps to keep the transition smooth. Simply put, there isnt a weather station every 100 miles in the world so there are large gaps in the weather info.
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