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Thread: Which add on would you recommend?

  1. Default Which add on would you recommend?

    I downloaded an F16 jet and was flying around and have to say that I loved it. So my question is what is a good add on for FSX that involves flying, landing on carriers and whatever else it brings along. I was looking at Flight Deck 6 but the company does not have that great of a rep.

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    Don't worry about Flight Deck Six Abacus is a fine company. With their add ons I was able to learn how to fly and without breaking the bank. The add on Planes are the best value.

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    i love the l-39 albatros. it's a jet trainer and is not for carriers.

    for carrier ops i hear the new f-18 superbug is really good.

    Kristian R.

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    The best is the F/A-18E from

    San Juan, PR

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