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    I just upgraded my video card to nvidia geforce 9500gt and installed flight sim x deluxe with the garmin g1000 glass cockpit feature on certain aircraft, and the double knob cursors don't seem to work properly. The fms knob does not change options in the pages, and the com knob does not change the primary numbers. Also, the mouse wheel does not affect it. I noticed on the settings page a list of g1000 features. Do they need to be activated? Please help, I like the glass cockpit feature, and would like to use it. thanks

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    That's on of the reasons I don't enjoy the glass cockpit as much -- buttons are hard to click. For most of the knobs, the cursor has to be more to the right side of the knob (and closest to the knob you want -- inner/outer). I think the Nav/Com numbers do seem to be the hardest, the cursor has to be pretty precise, 'specially for the left ('primary'?) numbers. Nothing needs to be activated, and if you can't twist 'em any way, there's a problem somewhere else.
    And welcome to the forum!

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