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Thread: Set as default, your aircraft position

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    Default Set as default, your aircraft position

    My first post.
    Hello to this wonderful board and it's members.
    I have flown awhile in FSX and just take things for granted. I am retired from the military and am 52 years young. I have just completed Ground School at Cessna Flying Club here in Wichita Kansas and am getting ready for actual flight..
    Ok, what I need to know:
    When I get in my 172SP/G1000, I always start on the runway. Even though I say to start on a ramp, it doesn't. How do I default to a ramp with the engine off. That way I can go thru the start procedure. I feel that I have done everything I know to do. I am starting at ICT here in Wichita and at a ramp. I want to go thru the intire procedure.
    Thanks in advance and am looking forward to talking with and interacting, and learning all about this program.

    I am looking for a link to good tips and tricks and downloads. I mainly fly the 172SP/Garmin.
    Thanks again

  2. Default

    You need to create a flight and set it up as you want.
    Then you save the flight and set it as the default flight.
    Now it will save things like the aircaft type and location.

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