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    Greetings fellow Simmers....
    I am looking for a B-17F in freeware for FS9. I have located a lot of repaints for some really great payware and even a Memphis Belle for 2000. My budget is so limited, it's non-existant. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? Will the 2000 work OK in FS9? Thank you for stopping by. Ralph

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    Check there : (it's Donationware planes that are now freewares)

    Credits: The FDG2 crew would also like to thank everyone who contributed to this project. Gary (garya20) Burns - British base scenery, Willy McCoy - training base scenery and ferry flight, Herman Boltz - krazy_ effects, Henry - effects and flight dynamics work, Fliger747 - flight dynamics Milton Schupe - bulging tire modeling technique Sandydog - CFS2 flight dynamics and DP All the beta testers - We couldn't do it without ya!!! Copyright info: This package is "donation-ware". That is, our work and the small fee charged for it go to support server costs for and No parts may be used for or included in other works, or files altered for this plane or other planes without written permission from the authors. You may make a copy of these files for your own personal backup, but you may not share them or the registration password with another person or upload it to any site other than New skins can be done without permission, but only the skins may be uploaded. You must call them "repaints". Except for the texture files, no files in this package may be altered, including the readme.txt and any other documentation! This plane is NOT to be uploaded to any site other than Although we have done extensive testing, you use this product at your own risk! We accept no liability, real or implied, under any circumstance. Thank You, Fightertown Design Group 2

    by SOH_donationware
    Direct link:

    Many differents models (E-F-G)

    The Memphis Belle already in !!

    title=FDGv2 B-17F"Memphis Belle"
    ui_manufacturer=DONATION B17
    ui_type=B17F (Early Model)
    ui_variation="Memphis Belle"
    atc_model=B17F (Early Model)
    description=Boeing Flying fortress
    Good freeware B-17

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    Thank you so much...downloading now. Ralph

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