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Thread: AffinityMask Setting on Quad Core

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    I have a quad core Dell XPS 420 running FSX and have set my processor infinity mask to 15 to use all cores:-


    However I have read somewhere that there are other values to use to help get better FPS by freeing up processor time for core 0 for example.

    Is there a setting that is proven best for this or am I best to continue to use 15?

    I fly the PMDG747 and have my FPS set to 30 max but when at an airport like Birmingham (UK2000 extreme) I only get around 8 or 9 FPS.

    When flying at FL330 I get around 25-30.

    I use the VC and have Trackir4.
    I also use WOAI and have aircraft set quite high, but I have tried this low or zero and don't really get a big improvement when at the airport.

    I have setup my FSX using the highflightsimulation site so most of it should be pretty good setup.

    Let me know of any improvements that you think I could make.


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    I use AffinityMask=14

    This is supposed to tell the sim to run on the last three cores and leave the first for other applications. It seems to help the sim run more smoothly, but I doubt that it will solve your problem with Birmingham.
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    What file is this setting in??
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    If you have FSX SP2 or Acceleration, there is no need to use the affinitymask as the sim will use all available cores, if needed. The only reason you would need to use this is if you are having problems with the sim conflicting with other tasks running in the background (and thus stuttering, at least one cause). This should also not be needed as much under Windows 7 as it has a smarter thread scheduler in the system than what XP had.

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    You can just delete it. The Affinity Mask setting doesn't help with SP2. I've done some tests with FSX Mark and there was no improvement.

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    I am currently using 3.

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    I use 15 as well.

    I have tried not using it, and using 15 and 14 and 15 works best for me.

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