Hello folks.

Below is a general list of fixes/additions available in the upcoming service pack for REX/FS2004. We are awaiting a few more "green lights" from our beta team before we release. Cheers, and Happy Holidays to all of you!

1. Added WASys icon to taskbar when in use (per user feedback)
2. Added FSUIPC options to Configuration window to allow user to config custom general FSUIPC settings (per user feedback)
3. Fixed cloud handling and missing clouds issue with the REX weather engine
4. Fixed the cloud layer issue within the wxtemp.xml file
5. Fixed reset of re-load of weather if aircraft passes weather range before auto re-load
6. Fixed issue with importing FSBuild flight plans and waypoints not showing
7. Fixed water environment reflections
8. Fixed Cumulus 32 transparency (per user feedback)
9. Fixed Cumulus 53 transparency (per user feedback)
10. Fixed Restore function in Configuration window
11. Fixed Ocean Water colorization and installation
12. Fixed Ocean Water Set 1 (per user feedback)
13. Fixed Wave Animation set 05 (per user feedback)
14. Revised aircraft reflection file (per user feedback)
15. Increased time before auto-loading weather into FS9 when using the REX weather engine
16. Adjusted formula for winds aloft