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Thread: New York State scenery

  1. Question New York State scenery

    Hi all,

    I've installed many new airports from our library. However, I'm still using the FS9 default scenery and would like to look at better scenery for VFR flying in the New York state area.

    Any scenery suggestions/advice would be appreciated.


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    I'd go with Ultimate Terrain USA. It's payware but well worth the money. I would then use Plan-G (freeware) which is a Google based moving map and flight planner and fly over the state and see all the correct towns and bodies of water that UT has done (really quite good and no, I'm not shilling). Of course there are also New York state scenery files here at Flightsim if you do a search.


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    I did a project for the city of Albany for FS9 available here ( & FSX ( if interested.


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    for freeware, freeflow new england is nice, fsgenesis mesh is nice for anywhere in the usa, search and you will see which files to use for ny... also, there is a nice albany intl KALB out there (search for the recent afcad too)...

    have to plug MY ny scenery
    I as well, made an albany building scenery for the downtown area, but only made most of the large skyline pertinant buildings (on fsds3, now i do scenery in gmax)

    There is KGFL_v2.2 by me (all gmax, photoreal), NY9(seaplane), NY61(seaplane) also both by me... Im working on a couple other small fields but they wont be done soon)

    someone made a decent farmingdale, KLGA, and be sure to get the nyc buildings too

    But I mostly want to plug my KGFL v2.2 (Glens Falls)

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  5. Smile New York Scenery


    Thanx for the suggestions.

    I've already previously installed your free-ware Adirondack sea plane bases, Albany, and Glens Falls add-ons. All, by the way, are fantastic!

    I think I'll try the suggestion for Ultimate Terrain USA this time around.


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    I love the Glen Falls scenery. Beautiful work.

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    Try This Title: SPOFF

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    Thanks, if you guys are having a problem downloading the v2.2 update from avsim, i didnt upload it here, because its mipmapped textures which is like uploading the whole thing all over again, lemme know... ill post the updated textured to yousendit and post the link here... i also updated one bgl file as well as the textures... it fixes a few small things with the taxilights, and lessens the trees i added to improve performance and not bog it with almost unseen complexity.

    the bgl can be downloaded from my small pathetic fs page at:

    just download it and overwrite the original in the kgfl objects/scenery folder

    if im not mistaken, someone did an addon sarinac lake airport too... nice spot in the adirondacks... check that one out if you havent already... i dont have that installed now, but i downloaded it last year... should be searchable....

    FSXA, Core i5 Quad 2.66 OC 3.6, Asus P7P55, MSI GTX460, 8g G-Skill DDR3, 560gig WD 'black' SATA, Corsair 650W PSU, Saitek Yoke, Thr. & Pedals, 24" T240HD, Win7 64. And a cold beer in a frosty mug!

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    I use in that area Megascenery New York (photoscenery) and Aerosoft Manhattan.

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    The best scenery for New York is a payware and I recommend paying the $24.65 bucks . It is just a highly detailed scenery scenery of Manhattan and is a must have if you want the city scenery (wish it would cover the entire tri state area though). The autogen textures have all the real buildings and landmarks of Manhattan from the Port Authority Ferry terminals to the FDR and Harlem river drive. I would suggest downloading Liberty3 file to upgrade the statue of liberty as it sucks in Aerosoft Manhattan. A great addon I dont have much payware and enjoy FS9, but this is one scenery file that I had to have and I enjoy every time I play!

    Also for more fun download a Bell 206L Long Ranger II "NYPD" aviation chopper and explore Manhattan with that and be sure to check out the real Heliports around the city that are landable!,DFS02020

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