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Thread: Repaint req: ERJ/Any

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    Default Repaint req: ERJ/Any

    Hey fellas, I'm not too savvy with PS or GIMP and was curious if anyone would mind creating a repaint for me.(if bored enough) It's obviously fictional, so use a color scheme that you think would be neat.

    Airline: OzonAir (i'm from a small place called Ozona, it seemed to fit)
    OzonAir Cargo
    Region of flight: Virgin Islands, Caribbean(if you need some inspiration)

    Aircraft: ERJ's(default, feelthere's)
    Wilco 400M(I know, tsk tsk...I suckered myself)
    aerosoft's Twin Otter
    Any that you like!

    *I realize this is pretty broad but, just whatever you feel would be good, go with it!

    Thanks in advance guys,


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    Wink Re: Repaint req


    Not sure this is what you want, try it and see?

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    I think this should be in the Painters Workshop forum. That's a place specifically for repaints and requests etc.

    Aircraft Repainter- NOT taking any requests currently!

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