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Thread: ~Grand Canyon National Park, KGCN~ FSX, Photoreal OZx, REX, RealAir Duke B60

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    boxcar Guest

    Default ~Grand Canyon National Park, KGCN~ FSX, Photoreal OZx, REX, RealAir Duke B60

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    Great shots amigo I love the landing ones, it certainly seems like a very enjoyable and picturesque location to fly in. Something I will have to visit!

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    I was thinking about getting the terrain mesh for the US, I have gotten the SE from simvation?? I am pretty well pleased with it. should I get that first or will it matter?

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    Thanks for sharing David, some truly wonderful shots cousin.

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    David - Wow :-)

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    Fantastic shots David! I posted a post with some shots of a flight I took over the Grand Canyon in the Bush Hawk and I have to say those are much better. Even though mine was at dusk. Great job!!!
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    Nice David! Looks good my friend! I downloaded it too, haven't flown over it yet, but can't wait to now after seeing that piece of art!

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    Wow...beautiful set David, I've got all the OZx stuff installed on mine too and you are 100% correct about it being worth the effort! The full series you linked are just stunning!

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    Beautiful shots David. I like them very much.

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    Thanks for posting...I spent a few days this past summer at the Grande Canyon. Words just don't do justice. The hike down was amazing, the thunderstorm at the bottom was awesome and I still haven't caught my breath back yet from the hike back up to the rim!!
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