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    Have a problem w/FSMETEO & wonder if any of you have any experience w/it.

    Have purchased, downloaded & have attempted to install it per the installation instructions. When I go to use it, I get the "Error finding icao database data.dat" warning screen. Problem seems to be with the "Start in" path where FSMETEO is installed, which is C\Program Files\FSMETERO & is what is shown as the "Start in" path. Cannot seem to get it configured so that it works. If any of you are using FSMETEO, what might I be doing wrong in the installation of it.

    Sure need some help on this. Have not been able to get any reply yet from FSMETEO & I would sure like to try it out. Do you recommend it?


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    Disclaimer...this is my opinion...Any weather program fs2k2's or fsmeteo d/l METAR reports which are renewed by the faa every hour. So you can d/l the wx as much as you like but it will not change until the hour is renewed.,..You will get a lot of conflicting posts from here on out. A lot of people are on the fence with fsmeteo.... :)

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    Hi Bob,

    Just a quick question. In the Shortcut Properties for the icon you launch FSMeteo with, do both the Target: and Start in: lines have quotes around them? e.g., if the program was installed to C:\Program Files\FSMETEO, the Target: should be "C:\Program Files\FSMETEO\FSMeteo.exe" and the Start in: should be "C:\Program Files\FSMETEO"

    If that's the case, are you getting this error before the FSMeteo screen ever comes up, or after it's up and when trying to "Start" the program (i.e. start sending weather data to FS2002)?

    See ya in the pattern!

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    Hey X-Man :)

    I'll wait on the original question until we get some more information from Bob (Bob, have you carefully pored over the manuals - there's all kinds of info on exactly how you have to set up the various connection options), but in reference to your remark about FAA and hourly updates, thought I'd throw in my 2 cents worth. The great thing about FSMeteo, as far as I'm concerned, is that it checks the weather according to your position. So, as you fly from one area to another it will monitor that and update the weather according to the nearest available reporting station. This results in the weather changing much more frequently for most pilots, unless you are doing patterns or local VFR flights or something like that, in which case you probably don't want changing real world weather anyway.

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    Make sure you extract the whole folder and both FSMeteo.exe file & data.dat file are in the same extracted folder. If you only extracted FSmeteo.exe, it will look for the file and give you the error you got. Also, don't copy the FSMeteo.exe to the desktop (or any other place). Instead, make a shortcut that refers to copy in the folder you extracted. ex. What will happen if you copy to the desktop is it will also look for data.dat file on the desktop. Hope this helps.


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    The reason I like FSMeteo is the smooth weather transitions (if configured correctly) and automatic downloading of weather. Granted, it's a small task to click into the weather menu, but this way, the flights stay smooth and there's no going to the menu every hour to update the weather. Just my 2 cents. :-wave
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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON May-14-02 AT 06:28AM (EDT)[/font][p]Have to thank Scott Campbell over at avsim for these reasons.
    1)User preferences, rate of cloud change can define weather
    change speed, wind limits, transitional change limits and speeds, for example NONE in MS Realweather I repeat NONE.
    2)Downloadable files for over a year to recreate those weather events, Realweather doesn't. Also great for folks like my self who don't have internet access at home.
    3)6 minute updates great for changing weather stations AND for any sigmets that come up (if you are hooked up to internet I'm not at home).
    4)Set the arrival weather and lock it a user definable distance out so that neither the default ATC or programs like Radar Contact will suddenly vector you to the opposite runway.
    5)Marc Philbert is just a nice guy and a hockey fan (lives in Quebec City I think) who gives great service.
    Joe Apostolidis
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    bump I want folks to read this.
    Joe Apostolidis
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    I Fly all planes eVerywhere, Very Fun Recreation

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