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Thread: FSX crashes with WIN 7

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    Default FSX crashes with WIN 7

    I just upgraded to Win 7 from Vista and have noticed a huge issue. When accessing the menu bar, FSX will freeze and then stop running, and shut down, reporting a problem has occured.

    never had this issue in Vista.

    Dell Studio XPS 435 MT
    i7 940
    8 GB RAM
    NVIDA GeForce GTX/9800
    Win 7 64-bit

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    Try using the menu bar in the windowed mode and see what happens.
    Bob G.
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    It is best on a new Operating System / FSX install to make sure you have the DirectX and C++ library updates installed. If you're on Win7 64 bit you want ENU (vcredist_x64.exe) for Win 7 32 bit you want ENU (vcredist_x86.exe).

    ENU stands for 'english' if you use a different language then select the appropriate language and bit spec for your OS.

    Installing these updates on your system may solve your FSX Menu bar problems.
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    Paxx, Thanks for your reply but your suggestions did not help. When accessing the menu, FSX crashes.

    It is ashame, because FSX works much better in Win 7. Alas. this fault makes the simulation unuseable.

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    Are you running FSX as Adminstrator?

    I have read elsewhere that you should run everything in Win7 as adminstrator.

    Might be worth a shot.
    David "Opa" Marshall

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    I run windows 7 as an administrator...Also I turn off User Account Control. Also I Disable Driver Signing at startup (tab-F8)

    This may not solve your issues but might be worth a shot.
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    I am running FSX in Windows 7 64 bit. I do not run it as Administrator, I have UAC turned on, and driver signing is still enabled ... I have no issues with my menus causing a crash and FSX runs quite well indeed. However, I might just be lucky. I have read reports from other FSX users of this menu crash issue. Do a search in these forums and other forums (such as AVSIM) for the word "uiautomation". Apparently it appears the problem is linked to the "UIautomation.dll" file in your /Windows/System32 folder. If you replace that file with the one from Vista then you should fix the issue. (If you don't have Vista then you can simply download the "uiautomation.dll" file from various places.) Of course, always take a backup of the original file before making a change. I hope this helps.

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    freddy is right. i had the same crash issue and downloading a new UIautomation.dl fixed the crashes.

    Kristian R.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorg_DK View Post
    freddy is right. i had the same crash issue and downloading a new UIautomation.dl fixed the crashes.
    How do I do this? My system will not allow me to replace the UIautomation.dll

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    Quote Originally Posted by gpf3m View Post
    How do I do this? My system will not allow me to replace the UIautomation.dll
    I think it is UIautomationCore.dll. Check this thread:

    You`ll need the 32bit one as fsx.exe is 32bit.

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