I read Bill Stack's PAOB Fokker 50 review with interest as I have been waiting for a comprehensive Fokker 50 simulator. However his comments about the manual are puzzling. Go to the PAOB website and the links to the manual are clear. There is now a link to the document "How to start the engines". Maybe these links were added after his review was posted. Reading the engine start instructions reveals there is nothing mysterious, but it seems Mr Stack expected this simulator to operate like one of the default aircraft (battery on, select starter). For example his comment that the autopilot ALT button is more normally used to select altitude is odd. In my experience, ALT mode usually is altitude hold, not altitude select. MSFS confuses and combines the ALT HOLD and ALT SEL modes. Fokker used ASEL for ALT SEL, how hard is that to understand?

Also aircraft checklists are not operating instructions in the real aircraft. They are checks that the aircraft is correctly set up for the next phase of flight. Therefore you will have a pre-start list and an after start list, but rarely if ever an engine start checklist. To go with the checklists aircraft also have operating flows which are learned in training. It would be a help if sim manufacturers provided such flows to go with the checklists.

In the review no comment is made about the apparently missing rotary selector switches (e.g. electrical meter selector) on the 2D overhead panel (visible in the screen shots). They appear to be present in the VC screenshots.

I heartily agree with Bill Stack's comments about the sim designer's using their own name instead of the aircraft manufacturer's name. Wilco/Feelthere is another offender in this regard. It's frustrating installaing a new sim and not being able to find it in the menus. PAOB would be the last thing I would think of. Fortunately it's easy if tedious to edit the aircraft.cfg file to correct this but annoying to have to do so.

I probably won't buy the Fokker 50 until an FSX version becomes available but it will remain on my wishlist nevertheless.