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Thread: Worldwide Boat/Car traffic in fs2004

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    Default Worldwide Boat/Car traffic in fs2004

    I was thinking how one of the things I miss in fs2004 that FSX has is moving car traffic on some roads.

    I wonder if it is possible to have moving car traffic in fs2004. Could there be some addon that adds generic road vehicles to roads in fs2004?

    WHat about moving generic boat/ship traffic . There is ai aircraft traffic utilities like MyTraffic so why not one that adds ai boats for ocean or lake travel.

    I think looking down and seeing some activity adds to the scenery and it's one thng I miss from fs2004 (I use that more as my system doesnt give very good framerates with fsx)
    DK ...
    : AMD Anthlon 64 4000+ (formerly 3200+) : 1.5 GB Ram :
    : HIS Radeon HD2600XT 512MB DDR3 : 15" LCD @ 1024x768 : 4x AA : 8x AF :
    : logitech dual analog gamepad (wired):

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    Default Moving Traffic

    Well, there are a number of PAYWARE scenery, and a couple of freeware scenery, that have cars or ships moving. Getting them all, and installing them IS going to make FS9 seem like FSX-because it will be running at 10 fps (hehe). (Be careful what you wish for).

    On the other hand, your rig seems 'ok' to run FSX, but not with sliders maxed, and with some tweaks, getting rid of AA and AF (set trilinear in sim), and shutting down programs, reducing processes, and get rid of other 'hogs' such as IM, etc. FSX flys best with 'slim and trim' operating system resources. I have PIV, 3.2 Ghz, 1 Gig Ram, Radeon AGP 8x card and get 24 fps in FSX. I lock FS9 at 24 too, so I can enjoy clouds and autogen (trees). I even make FRAPS videos of FSX cars and upload to YouTube. So, work at tweaking (NOT overclocking) and perhaps you can run FSX at 20 FPS (which is GOOD enough). Cheers.
    Chuck B

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