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Thread: How to add autogen on a photoscenery?

  1. Default How to add autogen on a photoscenery?

    Sorry for the stupid question, but I search on the forum and Yahoo but I canīt find a good answer. What program I need to add autogen on a photoscenery?, I have EZ-scenery that works great to add objects, but I like to add autogen , wich program I need?, I read something about a program call "AGenT", but I dont know where I can download, or is any other good program?

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    You can do each tile manually with the Autogen Annotator which is part of the Autogen SDK available here:

    That'll take entirely too long though, so what you do is use a tool like AutoTrees by David J. Griffiths, search for "" in the library. This will do a fairly good job of populating all your tiles with trees, you can then use the annotator to hand edit, adding buildings or modifying the tree coverage, as many tiles as you can stand to fiddle with.

    You'll also need TCalc2004 by Richard Ludowise to show you the filename of the tile you're slewing over. You can just slew over the tile you wish to edit, copy the filename from tcalc's yellow window and paste it into the annotator's "Open file" dialog. Search the library for "".

    Here are some screenshots of a small photoscenery I did using the procedure I describe:

    Have fun,

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    Thank you very much Jim!

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    Sbuilder is also a great tool to mention. It allows you to add autogen, and much more if you like.

    You can get it here:
    Once at this link, open up the "Scenery Design" folder, then the "tools" folder and you'll find it.
    Here's another link you might find handy

    Download this tutorial, to get you going with SBuilder. File name: (Link:

    Have fun

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