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Thread: problems with rudder control on joystick

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    Default problems with rudder control on joystick

    Hi all,

    I have problem with my rudder controls. Every time I am on the ground my aircraft turns to the left as soon as I start moving. This happens to all aircraft I use. Ithought it was the joystick, but then I disabled the Z axis for rudder control, but the problem still occurs. I have been through joystick calibration several times.

    Anybody got any ideas as I cant get off the groubd at the moment.

    Many thanks in advance,


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    Also with the jets planes

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    Default Rude Rudder?

    Might not be. Might be somthing else. Do the following.
    (1). Re enable your Z Axis (no need to recalibrate anything for now).
    (2). If joy is USB, disconnect it, wait 10 seconds, and reconnect it.
    (3). Start FS9. Check (visually) if aerlions are not cranked over as if in a turn. If so, then you saved a flight with the AP, Hdg or Alt, activated. RE-SAVE a flight and make it default.
    (4). Check 2D panel and make sure AP is not activated, AND deselect Hdg or Alt if the lights are on BEFORE you save a flight as default.
    (5). If nothing helped, then backup (rename) fs9.cfg, or move present cfg and delete fs9.cfg and restart FS9 to get a new one. Re-calibrate joy from the FS9 option\controls menu. That's it. Next would be to get a new joy. Hope you get your rudder back.
    Chuck B

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    Default rudder problems

    Thanks for your advice.

    I narrowed the problem down to a joystick issue. Seems to be a hardware problem.

    I did notice something a little bit more strange. Even if i diable the z axis on the joystick, I take off and when I land the rudder problem starts again.

    Any ideas why?

    Many thanks

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    Default Feedback

    The idea is for you to give us feedback as to which (1 thru 5) you performed or tried, so as to narrow it down by process of elimination. You CONCLUDE that it's a 'hardware' problem. That would be the joystick. So 'fix' it. Get a new joy (right?). There is no other 'hardware' involved. It's all software (ie: OS drivers).

    Fisrt of all, what OS (XP or Vista). Then what drivers are you using (XP or the ones off the joy CD). WHY of WHY are you disabling Z axis, as that would NEVER be a 'fix'. Does not compute. Ok? Ok!

    Did you at least move/delete the fs9.cfg and let fs9 rebuild a new one? It would be a start (and leave Z axis IN). Try it again.
    Chuck B
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