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Thread: Freeware I'm working on

  1. Default Freeware I'm working on

    Here are a few shots of what I'm working on to be released as freeware. So get ready to bring your sea twotters, kodiak floats, carenado floats, dhc2s to this port and 2 others I'm working on. Don't ask where in the world its located ...and release date... at least not yet

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Name:	sdr_dawn1.jpg 
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Name:	sdr_chop1.jpg 
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Name:	srd_dawn.jpg 
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Name:	sdr_hsesun.jpg 
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Name:	sdr_mday.jpg 
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Name:	sdr_wharf.jpg 
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Name:	sdr_wharf1.jpg 
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Name:	sdr_wharfchop.jpg 
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    Can I ask if it's FSX exclusive?

    Because if it is, I must take some time out to go cry in a corner.


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    Sorry Asad, strictly fsx.

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    Been happening a lot lately... the RealAir Duke, the A2A 377, and now this... seems developers aren't going to cater for FS9 much longer.

    Going to give FSX another chance... *dusts off FSX CD and pops into tray*

    Thanks for the reply mate.

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    Man, I love it!! What a masterpiece

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    Cool Whoa!

    Seems cool! Thanks that FSX does not simulate tsunamis.

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    That looks really great and comfy...I'd love to hang out somewhere like that

    PANC - Anchorage, Alaska

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    Looking real good gmarxs, can't wait!!

    Keep it up!!
    Dave S.
    Remember ... it is better to break ground and fly into the wind .. than to break wind and fly into the ground !!

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    Woah! looks so beautiful!..thanks keep the good work up

    Best Regards,

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    Beautiful....I like your work - I'll have to take Airwolf for a flight over it when I'm done with building the helicopter when it gets released......

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