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Thread: Best Scenery add on for FSX?

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    Question Best Scenery add on for FSX?

    Hi, i want to get some add-ons for FSX. I have FSX deluxe and the acceleration pack, What brand of scenery is the best, i have just flight VFR pack 2. cheers

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    REX and GEX are wonderful for me!

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    Ground Environment X, Ultimate Terrain X and FS Genesis are great
    add-ons for FSX. All three work together.

    Real Environment X produces outstanding Sky, Clouds, Water and
    Runway textures that look real.

    There's a very, very small frame rate hit even with all 4 installed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JBnTX View Post
    Ground Environment X,
    But that add-on is just for USA, is there any global ground environmnet?, like the FS9 version?

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    Hi, yes i am from the uk, are there good uk packs. for instance are just flights packs better or worse than horizon sim? cheers

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    Horizon VFR X scenery is a must for the UK. Followed by UK VFR Airports Volume 1. Then FSX will look like this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RFS001 View Post
    Hi, yes i am from the uk, are there good uk packs. for instance are just flights packs better or worse than horizon sim? cheers
    My opinion is that Horizon is better, clearer and has better colours. This is Horizon..

    ...I am able, with this scenery, to fly VFR around the UK quite easily. You can see cars on the roads it's that good. But that's just my opinion.

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    so is the horizons version preferably to the just flights? What is FS Global 2008 like?
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    I don't have Just Flight but from the pictures I have seen and the comments on forums etc my preference is for Horizon. I use Horizon and am happy with it. You can also get VFR London to compliment it although it is a frame rate hog. The basic Horizon VFR scenery has no impact to frames I can see.

    I don't have FS global or know anything about it so can't comment.

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    I have FS Global, well worth it if you do a lot of flying around the lakes, peak district, wales and the highlands. Its not really much cop around east anglia though I also use UXT europe too, also highly recommended. I cant wait for GEX europe, my copy is on pre-order, prom was ive see of UXT & GEX USA its well worth the investment. Also just to put anothing product into the mix, X Graphics, does exactly the same as REX, new sky textures, water and also runway/taxi ways
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