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Thread: FSX ATC audio

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    Default FSX ATC audio

    when i run FXS missions, i cannot hear the ATC instructions, i can read the captions tho.
    I have installed the SP 1 and SP 2 for FSX.
    Im running Vista x64
    I have checked all the audio settings...and nothing.
    Any ideas.?

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    Are there Sound Files in you sound folder for the mission?

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    There least i could hear the ATC the first time i installed FSX.....After i uninstalled it and re-installed, no more sound.

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    Can you check in the Sound File?

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    Do you have 5.1 sound? Is your speaker hardware setting configured correctly? Are you getting sound from all your speakers? ATC comes from the rear channel when using 5.1 so if you have 5.1 picked and only have stereo speakers then you won't have ATC. Or if your cats pulled the speaker wire out of the rear channel that would give you some problems too.
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    Default Check also

    if you use headphones as I do, have you configured for stereo headphones, rather than speakers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdoon5261 View Post
    ATC comes from the rear channel when using 5.1 so if you have 5.1 picked and only have stereo speakers then you won't have ATC.
    For my 5.1 setup, ATC comes through headphones only. Okay, so that didn't make much sense. I have rear speakers and front speakers set up (and no subwoofer, therefore not true 5.1 ), but to hear ATC I have to plug my headphones into the computer's front head. jack. I can't get ATC out of any of the other speakers -- which I'd rather have -- but headphones are a little more realistic! Must be different for some computers.

    But it is true, if 5.1 is selected then you won't hear it.

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    Yes, i have sound on the missions.
    I have checked the speakers configuration, and everything it's ok
    I have sound (except ATC sound) on every different "view" (like "virtual cockpit") except on the "cockpit view.
    On that view i have NO sound at all....
    It's really frustrating, folks !!!!
    And thanks for all your suggestions

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    Try to set all of the other sounds low and set ATC high.
    Also, are the settings for the speakers correct? Can you take a shot and show us? Though sometimes it is a bit tricky!

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    Yes, it was tricky..I finally got the right speakers configuration and i have the cockpit sounds as they should be..!
    Thanks to everyone for the help !!!!!

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