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Thread: best flight planner for fsx

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    Default best flight planner for fsx


    I am in search of a good flightplanner for fsx. There are so many flightplanners that I have no idea witch one to buy. Are there also good freeware flightplanners for fsx?

    Your input is very apreciated,


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    Welcome to the forums if nobody has yet, and yes there is a freeware flight planner called Course Planner available for download in's library or from the Course Planner website, here is the link:

    I've tried it out and it seems to work very well for free!

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    Courseplanner is shareware, not freeware. The stable version in $35. however there is a time limited beta available that you can use until it expires.
    The shareware version has limited functionality after 10 minutes.

    It's not there yet but IMHO, when the author gets it completed it will be as close to FSNAV for FSX as we've seen.

    Just remember that it's a current work in progress - it works just fine but needs some polishing. etc.

    What i like best is that it's a standalone app and doesn't need FSX to be running to do your flight planning.

    Just MHO,


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    thank you guys for the info. I have been away for some years but I used to come here every day ;-). I am flight simming from the day there was one for the commodore amiga 1500. It was version 3 I think. Scenery was very basic also the colors. If you would see what we used in those days . . . . . :-D.

    I have some more time now and like to pick up the challenge. I also have x-plane 9. x-plane runs smoother but the scenery (ad ons mostly) is not so good as in fsx. It's normal also because x-plane is more a one man project. but give it the support fsx have and I am sure it will surpasse fsx but be goiing of the subject.

    What flightplanner do you use ?

    I gona try the one you mentioned.



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    I use FSBUILD which still works great.

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