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Thread: Can't align plane with runway

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    galaxyboy84 Guest

    Default Can't align plane with runway

    Hi, I've tried flying FS2002 planes few weeks back and it has been smooth so far, except i never landed in a proper once.

    So far, I've managed to cruise, takeoff smoothly. However, when I'm about near the airport, I'll ask for visual approach. I got the runway. Can anyone give me tips on how to land properly? I'm always too high above the runway. Is there a checklist like what speed, what attitude or so? Also, how can I align my plane with the runway? I can see the runway.. but I can't align with it. It's always a little off track.


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    bfq1880 Guest

    Default RE: Can't align plane with runway

    Well sometimes i also have problems with visual landing but the best thing to do is "practice". I'm not an expert here but that's what i do. When i first fly with FS98 i don't know anything about ILS. So i ended up doing visual approach all the time. You should get some information on checklist and stuff on the manual.

    You can also try using ILS as a guide. Tune your radios to intercept ILS but don't let it land automatically. Use the Localizer and Glide Slope just as guide.

    Finally press "Shift + enter" if you need a better view during visual landing. Play around with your simulator and you'll be an expert very soon. Good Luck!


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    Default RE: Can't align plane with runway

    Everybody has their own way of learning, so this is only a suggestion. I would actually suggest doing a few ils landings using the autopilot with no wind, cloud etc. Then all you have to control is the throttle, flaps and gear. Apart from the landing, watch the computer fly the plane in. This'll give you an idea of how to turn on to the runway (I'm presuming you know the bearing of the runway). Do this a couple of times, and then try it yourself without the autopilot.

    And remember to start out learning with the smaller planes. I remember an airline pilot once told me that flying a big heavy is really not that different to flying a small plane. The basic principles are the same, but in a heavy everything happens that much quicker.

    Hope this is of a bit of help. It's just my suggested way; I know a lot of people think the autopilot is a dirty word :-)

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    Boeing_747 Guest

    Default RE: Can't align plane with runway

    I have been flying fs for quite sometime and I was just as u r , at first. I sometimes got frustated when the aircraft was landing on the parking lot instead of the rwy. Its just that , u have to practice a lot. I read a lot of posts, went through many sites, and finally I got some ideas, just did traffic patters, with no winds, slowly I was good in short final, and I added winds , make thunderstorms, stuff like that. Its not that u learn it in 1 week. U gotta practice a lot. U will get it right if u practice a lot. I fly almost 5-6 hrs on holidays and if I get time 1hrs on weekdays. Well, my advise , no matter if read a thousand posts, or if u read all manual u have to practice. Take the lessons in the simulator 3-4 times if necessary, try to have precise control. The best thing is slew the aircraft , straight on the center line and fly the aircraft to the rwy. That should help a lot and slowly go on intercepting localizers, making standard turns and lining up , doing traffic patterns, and believe me u will be a pro, before u even know it :-).
    Well, happy landings!
    And remember the flaps......
    Cheers :-wave

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    Default RE: Can't align plane with runway

    Learn to land first with the Skyhawk. It flies slowly, and has less inertia than the bigger airplanes so its more responsive and its easy to keep the runway in sight at all times. Things will happen slower if you start smaller. When you gain confidence you can work up to the bigger birds.

    Do a bunch of touch and go from the same airport without weather. Flying a rectangular pattern around the airport will soon sharpen up your skills. Try 70knots IAS 20 degree of flaps on final with a skyhawk. Fly the pattern at around 1000agl Imagine an extension of the runway centerline extending out in both directions to help you line up.
    You have an advantage that real pilots don't in that you can turn off the winds and turbulence so use it!

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    metalangel Guest

    Default RE: Can't align plane with runway

    I've been playing flight sims for years and I still have this problem sometimes, especially in FS2k2 when I'm flying anything heavy... small or slow planes (like the Skyhawk, Catalina) are easy.

    To align with the runway, you can either use the ILS, or, you can just fly at the same heading as the runway. But, and I still use this, go into VIEW OPTIONS and turn on the axis indicator. This shows you where 'straight ahead' is. Now just get that aligned with the runway, and you'll come in perfectly :)

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    Default RE: Can't align plane with runway

    I've been flying with FLSIM since the FS4 and always had the same problem.

    I found an easier way to align the plane with the runway on a visual landing. With the autopilot and the hold heading on, click -Left of right as needed- on the Hold Heading dial on the panel instruments until you are aligned. It may require some practice, but now I don't fail any visual landing attempt.

    You should also consider the distance from the runway in order to have time to make very smooth final corrections -one degree at the time.


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    Default RE: Can't align plane with runway

    there's an "adventure" in FS2k2 that involves landing the
    172 at OAK with no wind, etc. It was also available in
    FS4 and I used it over and over and over again to practice
    landings/touch and goes, etc. It was a big help.


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    ekseks Guest

    Default RE: Can't align plane with runway

    Besides practice, practice, practice...

    If you are coming in too high, you probably are not using the glideslope landing lights correctly for visual approaches (I don't remember the correct terminology for these light but they are located at the landing end of the runways). Out of the 4 lights, try to keep 1 or 2 red - the others will be white. If 4 are white you're too high... 4 reds and you're too low.

    Are you following the recommended speeds and flap settings for the aircraft you are flying? Read the manuals if you don't know them.

  10. Default RE: Can't align plane with runway

    All the advice above is superb.
    Itís nice to belong to the flight-sim group, because most people are eager to be helpful.

    There are many ways to learn properly in MSFS.
    Everyone has different methods and ideas about how best to learn and practice.
    Itís my turn. :-)

    For me the best practice in earlier versions and in FS2002 were the lessons themselves.
    You not only learn the proper methods, you have one of the foremost and famous instructors with you.
    That being none other than Rod Machado himself.

    Iíd say the most helpful for learning the proper methods of landing are in the lessons:
    Start in:
    Student pilot
    Lesson 6a
    In this lesson the instructor lands and aircraft and all you do is maintain the
    throttle, which is great practice, because it teaches you the importance of
    applying power to maintain a proper glide slope.
    Practice this lesson over and over.
    Here are a couple of other tricks.
    At first, go to the World/Time menu and change the time to ďday.Ē
    Then hit the (left bracket key) and another window will pop up.
    Click on the small window once and change to the outside view.
    This will let you watch the attitude of the aircraft from a different perspective as you are making an approach.
    To remove the small popup window merely hit the(right bracket key).

    Then do lesson 6b. Make sure you wait until the flight analysis pops up and if
    you completed the landing properly you will be awarded a Solo Certificate.
    (new in FS2002)

    Then in the Private Pilot/Lesson 4 practice the five legs of a pattern.
    Try the backet key again.
    I've found for practice, unlike the real thing, you get or watch yourself land. Try the tower view as well.

    I donít think there is a real pilot in here who hasnít, at one time or another, stood beside the runway and mentally judged the other pilotís landing skills. :-)
    In the flight simulator, you can watch yourself.

    Hope weíve all helped and it makes you a better flight simulator pilot.
    The reward is your own satisfaction in perfect landing after perfect landing.
    Youíll soon be practicing more difficult landings.

    Good flying,

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