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    Hi All,

    I recently read that you can run FSX in either full screen mode or window mode. Since I did not know this, my question is what are the advantages/disadvantages of each mode? Also, how do you switch between them? Thank you for the opportunity to post basic questions without embarassment!


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    i believe its Alt + Enter to switch between modes

    as for advantages/disadvantages, i find that my frame rates are higher in full screen and you don't see the annoying window bar on top and your taskbar/startmenu

    personally, i find this makes it easier to take screenshots because no editing to crop pics is needed

    however, in full-screen, some addon programs can't work as the interface is a window and you must minimize FS to get to them. also, i find that flights take longer to end and return to the startup screen when in full-screen

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    I too have found that the framerates go WAY DOWN when in window mode. Possibly because windows has to keep 2 (or more??) Windows active and updated.

    For me, full screen is the best
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    I can't be absolutely certain about FSX, but in FS2004 the accelerated graphics facilities of your graphics card are only available when in Fullscreen Mode. This explains why, generally, frame rates are better than when in Windowed Mode.


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    I fly experience is that full screen or window does not make a lot of difference in re fps...but, I like to use two for such windows as gps, radar contact, fsinn or other apps. full screen makes it impossible to use the 2nd monitor...


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    I can't see any difference myself using NVidia 8800 hardware on win XP.

    scott s.

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    How do you get FSX to start-up in Full Screen?
    Mine used to until I started to try to different options on my Nvidia Card...when I went back to FSX it crashed at the virtual cockpit and now it starts only in window mode...

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    start FSX,
    click "Fly Now" (this will open in windowed mode),
    press Alt + Enter to enter fullscreen mode,
    close FSX (using CTRL + Pause)

    if all works, FSX should now start in fullscreen mode
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    Welcome to the Forums! I agree with Andrei (deepsea345)

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