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    What's the difference between a Piper Archer and a Warrior? I fly a Warrior on occassion, and they're both PA-28's, but one is a -161, and what's the other?


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    Essentially 20 more horses. :-) 160 v. 180

    Obviously that effect takeoff roll, landing roll, climb speed, stall speed, cruise speeds, etc.

    However, structurally, they are almost identical.

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    cyclops02 Guest

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    Thanks Jeff!

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    In game terms, there isn't much difference except for top speed is a bit higher. You can actually fly an Archer with the same V speeds. Yes it is sloppy in real life, but the airplane is forgiving enough to let you do it.
    Real life, the feel of the Archer is more like a larger airplane. Its more nose heavy than the Warrior. Most Archers have more comprehensive avionics. The warriors I have flown have the same set up of 2 VORs ADF 2 Com radios, like a Skyhawk, though the Piper doesn't always have an avionics master. The Archers usually have an Autopilot, DME, better quality radios and sometimes plusher fabrics for the seats and other goodies.
    The FAA designation for the flight plan is still PA-28. the model puts the horsepower of the engine after the model, so you have PA-28-140, PA-28-161 and PA-28-181 for the Archers. Controllers tend to call you Cherokee no matter what your inital call sign is. :)

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