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Thread: Best Diamond DA42 simulator

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    Default Best Diamond DA42 simulator

    Where can I get a really good Diamond DA42 simulator?

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    Try the Diamond sim site. Read the requirements (Big Big $$$$ is prime requirement).
    Chuck B

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    I've heard that Eaglesoft was working on one. Don't know the progress, though.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jdhaenens View Post
    I've heard that Eaglesoft was working on one. Don't know the progress, though.

    It's progressing it's way through the development hangers. It'll still be "quite awhile" until all the bit-and-bobs come together though...
    Bill Leaming
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    Hi Chuck,

    It was love at first sight when I saw the DA-42 and have also been in search for a sim worthy of my time and passion. Amazingly there's only one "worthy" DA42 sim and that's the Abacus Publishing version. There was the other one that was made in a school experiment but it's apparently not true to size and doesn't fly well. If you are a midget then it'll fit you perfectly.

    I purchased the Abacus DA42 for FS9 and FSX for 8 bucks.

    Here's my thoughts so far, though I have only flown it for a few hours since purchase.

    It handles well however on takeoff I seem to have to pull back quite heavily to get in the air, not sure if this is normal, I also need to just clarify with the takeoff speed but I'm sure I was getting it right (also on youtube research, on DA42 videos, takeoffs weren't as steep as mine). Also when coming into land, the real aircrafts manual says it's safe to lower the gear under 200 knots but when I do so it complains that it isn't safe, so perhaps Abacus hasn't quite tuned that bit or it's an FS9 issue? This doesn't happen in the FSX model though. In the FS9 model I just ignore the warning.

    The avionics systems, in the FS9 model, it has an Abacus spin off of the Avidyne system, it's very basic and I don't enjoy it at all. I'd love to throw in the G1000 upgrade but I have Vista and apparently it doesn't work with vista (?), if you have WinXP I'm sure you'll be able to install it then, lucky buggers!
    The glass cockpit gives you the basic details ie. speed, alt, vsi, heading etc. along with some engine data on the right hand glass panel however if you wanting to try view any flight plans graphically... best to use the FSX version as it isn't displayed in the FS9 glass cockpit. To get around this however I press Shift-3 and the Garmin GPS loads up in the position of the "fake" GPS glass panel. This works and makes things more enjoyable flying in the cockpit of the FS9 Twin star. A note though, the Garmin GPS doesnt show in the VC in the FS9 model, only in the 2D view.

    In the FSX model however, it has the G1000 installed and is a pleasure. Don't know why they didn't install it in the FS9 model too, pity as I use FS9 more than FSX. Because of this, if I want the G1000 I'm needing to buzz over to FSX.
    I did find one issue though with the FSX model, the windows don't seem to be there? Either that or they are super clear... I want whatever they using to wash their cockpit windows! I've emailed them within 24hours a go and still waiting on an answer. Perhaps it could just be my install and requires another reinstall. I hadn't had time to do that but will do so shortly. It's not that important though but just something that some might find odd (well ok... most).

    Aesthetics, outside the plane looks very nice, it doesn't have the "side engine intakes" (not sure of their correct name? It's too early for me) that the new ones have though, it was a design of the first DA42's it seems. Besides that it looks beautiful in all weather. Inside the virtual cockpit though it is very bare besides the main cockpit area. One person on another forum mentioned it was similar to a freeware quality... I'd agree, it's not very detailed but I'm a guy that isn't that worried on looks, more focused on if it fly's right, after all it's a simulator. Afterall, we can't be that picky on an aircraft that can only be found in one place currently. haha

    Overall, at the moment, Abacus seems the only one that has the DA-42 Twin Star (Eaglesoft... dunno, I can't find any reference to it anymore on their sites?). It fly's nicely but with a little question mark on the landing gear speeds (it hasnt damaged my plane yet but its just pops up with the annoying message of exceeding gear limit, once again, it could just be FS9 complaining?). The other speeds seem accurate for engine cut out, stalls etc. from what I could see with the real DA-42 manual and specs. I wish we had a DA-42 pilot to test it... anyone here that fly's the real thing to comment?
    I did a test with one engine and managed to land it well but with a bit of difficulty. Having to use opposite rudder and steer slightly to the side... similar to what was mentioned in a DA-42 review of the real plane... can't find the link now but google: DA-42 twin star diamond review , and see what you can find, its a PDF file. If anyone wants it and can't find it, perhaps I can email it to them.

    Landing it with both engines is heaven.

    Before flying the Twin Star I flew the Cirrus SR22 G2 and G3 a lot. Still do but the Twin Star is my new baby to fly around the South African skies now.
    Busy looking at putting together a flightplan and journey up the side of Africa.

    Also, slightly off topic, I'm busy putting together a Google Earth "journey" file, basically if you have any of the google earth addons for FS9 or FSX, you'll be able to download my file, use the flightplan that comes with it and basically have an "interactive" tour as you fly and land, visiting the various cities and towns. I'll post more when I'm finished with it.

    I hope this was of help there Chuck and anyone else hunting for a DA42 Twin Star. I am eagerly awaiting a more detailed version from perhaps Eaglesoft, Aerosoft or Flight 1 but there hasn't been any mention unfortunately. I don't know if Abacus will do another one but more detailed inside the virtual cockpit, would be nice along with the more updated look with the "side intakes" on the engines (new engines?).

    So... is it worth the 8 bucks? I say yes, there's no other DA42 Twin Star around and it handles fine, external looks and 2D/Virtual cockpit are pretty close if not identical to the real thing (besides the missing G1000 in the FS9 model and lack of detail on the seats and middle column etc) but yeah... worth it I think.

    If only we could find a DA42 pilot to test it and tell us how accurate the flight model is.

    PS Aah Bill, sorry mate, didn't see you were with Eaglesoft there, good to hear it's still in the development stages and not shelved. Hopefully it will move forward soon. I don't know why others haven't worked on the Twin Star too, odd as it is a well loved plane.

    PSS Excuse the review sounding like I just woke up... I did actually and on top of that I haven't written a review on an aircraft before, first time so... hope it wasn't too boring haha

    Some pics and a video below, unfortunately they from my phone. Yes I just discovered FSrecorder after I did this.

    Been testing it again and noticed that it pulls up fine, I just waited till about 95 knots and then pulled up, she went up smoothly without the previous fighter jet climbs. In the attached review of the real plane, the pilot rotated at 75knots... I'll try again.
    Couldn't find the pdf that had the review of the DA42, I do have it on my HD so if you want it let me know.
    Here's a link though to the magazine that did the review along with a news update on them.
    Attached Images Attached Images    
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    Just found that X-Plane has a DA-42 Twin Star but as an add-on.

    Any tried this one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by n4gix View Post
    It's progressing it's way through the development hangers. It'll still be "quite awhile" until all the bit-and-bobs come together though...
    I can't wait, I own the SR22 and Twin Commanche and love them both, can't wait for the DA42...

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    Default diamond 42 twin start simulator

    Dear Chuck731, i have diamond 42 twin star sim that i was looking for sale with good condition and it have been taking care of it. please if you are longer interested on the SIM, contact me at 561 929 9130, my name is Frank.I will love to send you some pictures of the SIM if you want.

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