DENVER, Feb. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --

Over the past year, Frontier Virtual has become one of the top performing airlines within VAFS. We have taken quite an unorthodox approach to our organization, with which we are proud. We currently fly the aircraft and routes of the "Real World" Frontier, but to keep our pilots active and interested, we has implemented aircraft and routes from across the globe.

We currently have an exciting opportunity for the right person. We are searching for a qualified and proven Web Designer to enhance our site and to propel it into the future. With our supportive Executive Staff and pilots we can quickly provide this individual with site ideas, input and support.

If this is a challenge that you are eager to take, please send an introduction letter and resume of designed sites to:

Bryan Humphries
Chief Operating Officer
Frontier Virtual Airlines
[email protected]


Frontier Virtual Airlines Holdings, Inc. (et. AshevilleATC) is the parent company of Denver-based Frontier Virtual Airlines. Currently in its 2nd year of operations, Frontier Virtual Airlines is one of the largest virtual airlines, employing over 50 pilots. Frontier Virtual Airlines' mainline operation has 630 aircraft. In conjunction with a fleet of 12 different aircraft, including the Boeing 747-400LCF 'Dreamlifter' operated by Frontier Virtual Cargo (a subsidiary of Frontier Virtual Airlines Holdings, Inc.), Frontier offers routes to more than 200 destinations in the world. For more in-depth information on Frontier Virtual Airlines, please visit its Web site at