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Thread: The best payware Planes for FSX?

  1. Default The best payware Planes for FSX?

    Sorry if this is repeating other questions, perhaps even asked by me

    Just curious, I will be picking up the Alphasim SR-71 most likely, but I was wondering what people recommended, as I really don't want to spend $$$ for a bad peice of payware.

    I mostly fly GA, Miltary, though I am not anti-airliner.
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    If you like trapping, get IRIS f14 the fsx one, as for GA, Digital aviation piper cheyenne, aerosoft twin otter, aerosoft beaver, Flight1 Pilatus PC12, ( i like turboprops) and then the Just flight Flying club x now fully fsx compiled. has nice selection, Have them all but fly cheyenne most as i am doing trip round africa and through europe. Gibraltar next stop.

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    I like the one Carenado puts out. has them. I can personally vouch for their tech support. They resolved a BIG issue I was having to my complete satisfaction.

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    The FSX Alphasim SR-71 flies great.

    Other nice ones are Flight1's Cessna Mustang.

    The Aerosoft Piper Cheyenne X is also nice.

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    Just Flight's Flying Club X has got to be considered as great value, as you get five aircraft. Personal fave though is Carenado's Cesna C152ll. Adorable...

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    Now that I have a better idea of what your system for FSX is (from another thread), Distorted, I wouldn't recommend the Flight1 Mustang. The Alphasim SR-71 and Aerosoft Piper will tax your system a little bit but should be flyable in most areas.

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    Paxx has nailed some great choices.

    Would add...

    RealAir SF260,
    FSD Commander
    Eaglesoft Twin Comanche the prospective list as all being excellent considerations.

    The Flight1 Mustang is an incredible, no-compromising FS aircraft though.
    Certainly a favorite of mine & my esteem for her grows almost daily.
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    Piper Cheynne, hands down.
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    I really like the Boeing 377 by a2a simulations. It is not for the faint hearted and it is an airliner but in my opinion it isthe best airplane add-on I have purchased.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirbruchie View Post
    I really like the Boeing 377 by a2a simulations. It is not for the faint hearted and it is an airliner but in my opinion it isthe best airplane add-on I have purchased.
    Or any of the A2A aircraft. Their all great sims to fly.

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