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Thread: BMI Flight 9 - Glasgow to London Heathrow

  1. Default BMI Flight 9 - Glasgow to London Heathrow

    Hi everyone

    Hope you have all enjoyed the Christmas festivites. Here is "Midland 9" for your enjoyment. Hope you like the shots, comments always welcome. Have a great weekend!

    1) The inbound flight arrives and is ready for the turnaround...

    2) After a quick turnaround it's not long before Midland 9 is cleared to taxi to the active runway...

    3) We hold short for a landing Easyjet then taxi into position...The Dash 8 behind is taxiing out for departure to my home airport - Birmingham...

    4) We lift off into the cloudy Scottish sky...

    5) Some small mountains form our backdrop during our initial climb...

    6) Typical British winter weather...

    7) Having crossed the Scottish border, we cruise at FL300 over norhtern England

    8) It's still cloudy over England!

    9) We can just about glimpse the ground below...

    10) Passing the HON VOR Birmingham airport is visible below...

    More to follow!

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    11)Some thick undercast to pass through on our descent into London...

    12) Beautiful dusk lighting greets our approach to 27R...

    13) Back on English soil (tarmac!)...

    14) Heading for the BMI parking spaces!!

    15) Which you cannot miss! What a mish mash of hybrid liveries they seem to have at this airline...

    Thanks for looking!

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    Another truly wonderful post Andrew.

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    Another wonderful Post Andrew! Awesome Pictures!
    Cheers! Florian

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    Again some wonderful shots Andrew

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    Andrew, outstanding post again

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    Excellent shots Andrew!

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    Brilliant series, Andrew.

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    Thanks everyone!

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    Thanks David - really glad you like these!

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