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Thread: Round the world FSX

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    Default Round the world FSX

    I apologize if this subject has been done before (I see someone doing a RTW contest or something), but I'm wondering if anyone has any good RTW routes that will cover all of the continents, hit the best default FSX scenery, and be able to do it in a prop plane of some sort.
    I know that this is nothing new, but I'm wondering how you would plan something like this. Do you have the route planned before you go or do you just start hopping from city to city and hope?
    I would like to use a prop plane (maybe the Aerosoft DHC-6 or Carenado 182).
    I would like to see some sights.
    I want to hit every continent and all of the special objects in FSX (Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, Pyramids of Eqypt).
    I also need to go through Romania at some point.

    Obviously I'm not looking for someone to do the flight plans for me. I'm just wondering what is a good way to start a project like this. I will probably do some online at VATSIM but mostly it will be offline.

    I will be starting and ending at my little town of West Bend, WI (KETB).

    Any ideas, links, advice?



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    I would start by picking your plane and then determining what its max range is. That will give you a starting point so you know that you longest leg cannot exceed you planes max range. (You can however modify the aircraft's config file and make the tanks bigger if needed...this has been done in real life with the 182 so don't feel like you are breaking the rules by adding some extra gallons to make a long hop). Next you want to get a list of all the places you want to see. Plot them out on a map and start flying. I would not plan the whole trip at once. I have read about some that do it by continent. For instance you if you are starting in the North America plan all your flights for North America and have your last flight end either in Alaska, North Eastern Canada, or Central America - At that point plan for the next continent. That give you time to research you areas of interest for the next continent while you are taking a break from flying the current continent. At least that is the way I would do it. However you do it you will have many hours logged before it is all over. For an example to to and visit their Boeing 377 forum. An individual there is rapping up asia and the south pacific and has logged 100s of hours completing. a round the world flight.

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    Thanks for the response! I've decided to use the DHC-6 that I just purchased from Aerosoft .
    I was thinking that I could combine some land and seaports, as well as something in the mountain snows.. somewhere use all three of the models.

    I like your advice. I will start in North America and see what I can do, maybe end up somewhere in Alaska to continue on.

    Thanks again for the great ideas!


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    Firstly, consider whether you want to go East or West. East will generally be quicker, because of the prevailing wind, giving your aeroplane a higher ground speed and longer range. West will be slower and require shorter hops.

    Second, get yourself a map of the world (a wall chart is ideal), and mark on it all the places you know you want to go. Then you can start joining the dots.

    There are not many routes across (or around) the big oceans, so you'll need to bear that in mind...

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    again great responses. I did not even think of the direction.
    It looks like I'll head east to give myself a better chance on some slightly longer hops.

    Would it be "cheating" if I considered a landing at some remote island as a "safe" landing where I could call in some emergeny crew to refuel me?

    I was looking at the map and I don't see how I can get to New Zealand for example.. so.. I was thinking if I landed on some remote island near New Zealand.. and "refueled"..

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    I have done several around the world flights both in fixed wing and helicopters in FS. A great planning tool I use is Go to their flight planning section (right hand column of webpage) and you can get all sorts of information. For instance, I worked out a route to New Zealand for you using the flight planner.

    Leg 1- Sydney Int'l (YSSY) to Lord Howe Island (YLHI) 424 nm
    Leg 2- Lord Howe Island (YLHI) to Auckland Int'l (NZAA) 845 nm

    I don't know what the range is on your DHC-6, so leg 2 may be a little long. In that case try-

    Lord Howe Island (YLHI) to Norfolk Island (YSNF) 483 nm
    Norfolk Island (YSNF) to Auckland Int'l (NZAA) 589 nm

    I have done the above route in a Cessna 206 so I would think the DHC-6 would have no problem.

    From New Zealand, You may be able to island hop across the Pacific to South America or North to Hawaii. From Hawaii though, you face a long flight to the US mainland that would be out of range of the DHC-6, unless you install some long range ferry fuel tanks in it.
    Are you flying with FS9 or FSX? Good luck with your flight.

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    With careful planning, and even more careful flying you can get from Antarctica (there's an FSX reward for landing on the Ice Runway at McMurdo) to New Zealand. South America to Antarctica is pretty straightforward. The Twin Otter is regularly used in Antarctica, fitted with skis, so it's a suitable plane.

    Good luck if you try for the South Pole though - it's rather tricky!

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    whoa thanks for the replies again!
    I didn't realize I could get to New Zealand lol..

    I believe that my max range is around 920 miles (1000 or so nm)

    I also didn't think Hawaii was possible (just looking at the globe), but putting extra fuel tanks.. hmm I don't know, I suppose if it were a real life plane I could add tanks .. I'll have to think about that one.

    South Pole? Man I forgot about that.. Is that possible? Is there a location in FSX? (Just a yes or no, don't give away any secrets lol.. I want to try and find it.


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    Hmmm...Would I prefer polynesian dancing girls or penguins? LOL!

    Check out Martin Gleeson's Destination Finder to help you find islands in range. It is in the downloads section.
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    You might be interested in this sight:
    This is the Slarty & Dean "Round the World Buzz." Flight plans for a scenic RTW tour. Most include a narrative. You could always add additional legs to see sights you find not included, but there is a lot there.

    Alex M.

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