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Thread: Help with trimming a Cessna 172

  1. Default Help with trimming a Cessna 172

    Hope you all have a goon Christmas!

    I'm a newcomer to FSX and to GA world. After getting through the basic training missions I intended to follow Charles Wood's navigation training and I got stuck on his first familiarisation flight: I'm unable to make my C172 fly straight.
    After long hours spent in Il2 flying a Bf109 I'm not completely unfamiliar with torque and P factor, but this Cessna turns by itself about 1 degree per second. I've never flown any real aircraft, but this seems to be quite much?
    I tried to use trim (rudder and ailerons) but it seems unfair as according to all I've found on this aircraft there is only elevator trim, and then even if try to trim it anyway I usually make things even worse.
    Is this normal that the plane turns so much and I should simply counter it with control inputs? Or should I trim it, but then educate me please a little bit how to do it correctly (in the sim where I can feel no pressure on the controls)?

    I'd have anothe question: how can I fix load my saved flights? I save them and in the Save menu I can see my previously saved flights, but they disappear in the Load menu.
    Thanks for any help!

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    It does have a tendency to turn left, but not that much! Have a look at your fuel/passenger/luggage loading - is it uneven or all on one side? With these smaller aeroplanes, just having or not having a passenger can make quite a difference to the way it behaves.

    Not sure I understand your second question. Are you saying the flights are visible in the Save Flight dialog, but not in the Load Flight dialog? If that's the case, take a look in your My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files folder. You should see each saved flight there, and for each saved flight you should see three files:

    My Flight.FLT
    My Flight.FSSAVE
    My Flight.WX

    Confirm that all three are present...

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    Thanks! I could locate the files and I can launch the flights by clicking directly on those files, but my saves still don't appear in the Load menu.
    Concerning my main problem, I verified the load distribution and there is a 170 lb passenger in my airplane which still falls in its crazy turn. Thankfully with my new rudder pedals I am able to keep it on course, which wasn't feasiblew with the joystick twist. What about people who say that torque effect is exaggerated? Is this true in FSX?

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    If the controller (yoke, or joy) is calibrated, then the next thing to ck is the fuel tanks 'balance'. If one has half as much fuel, then that WILL cause it to 'turn'. The inbalance would of course be caused by not having the fuel transfer switch in the 'Both' position. Happens to all of us. Scratch your head, try this, try that, and it's oh so simple sometimes.
    Chuck B

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